My Japanese Neighbor Tricked Me Down For Sex

Narumi is a newly married wife. She, with her husband, recently moved to my neighborhood. Her husband is a busy man and he stays out from home for days for work. We met each other in a local event and ever since then we were friends. We started being good neighbors to each other helping each other and spending time together. Narumi is a beautiful Japanese girl and I have never seen such sweet girl before. She is nothing like the girls that we used to see in japan chat room. She belongs from a conservative Japanese family and she prioritizes her family values. I was really attracted towards her despite of the fact that she is someone’s wife. I never knew that she feels the same for me until one day when she called me at her home to help her in the kitchen.

Italian recipe in a Japanese kitchen

Italy is my hometown. I lived in Osaka, Japan, for my profession as a doctor. I told stories to Narumi of how my mother made pizzas for me, when I was a little kid. My mother passed away when I was just 10 years old. Ever since then I miss the taste of fresh pizza made by my mother. Narumi felt for me. One day she planned to make pizza and called me to help her out with the process. I went with a recipe book as I am not too good with cooking. After entering her kitchen, I saw that she has arranged everything beforehand. We started making the dough first. I poured flour and necessary ingredients in a bowl and told her to grind all the stuff with her bare hands.

The chef wants more than the spices

I gave her a short demonstration of how to make the dough so that it becomes soft and tender. She didn’t understand what I was doing. So, I stood behind her and took her hands to the bowl with my hands. We made the dough together and we were really close at that time. We were so close that I had a sudden hard on and she felt that on her back. At first she ignored but then she became quiet and stoned. An idea suddenly came in my mind and I went on pressing the dough and keep pressing my tool behind her. She got turned on and told me to stop. She was afraid about the consequences. I was beyond my control and I took some dough and started rubbing her cheeks and neck. She closed her eyes. I told her may be the chef wants more than just the spices. She laughed and felt comfortable.

It was a trick, oh my god

She had something else planned for me. Narumi acted like a japan chat room girl. She took the flour container and put it all over me. I realized that she was happy doing this and I didn’t stop her. Then she poured some olive oil over me and rubbed me off with her body. She took my clothes off and took me to her bathroom. There she took off her clothes and we both had a bath. She gave me a nice blowjob and I came on her face. Later we ordered food from a nearby restaurant and we spent the whole night together. She didn’t let me sleep until we had three rounds of intercourse. What else can you expect from a newly married Japanese wife?

Never Take A Japanese Pin-Up Girl Casually

I always had fantasies of having sex with a Japanese girl. I never knew my fantasies will come true in a bizarre way. I was forced to have sex with a Japanese pin-up girl named Kimiko. My boss had hosted a party at his home. It was a welcome party for the new recruits. I was also invited there as I was a guest employee from USA. I never knew that Japanese private parties can get real dirty until I went there. My boss has hired some pin-up girl for some casual entertainment. They were professional and they knew their job very well. My boss knew that I was unmarried and he insisted me to have some fun with the girls. He introduced me to Kimiko. She is a tall and sext Japanese girl with a red hairdo. She was looking really hot and she wore a maid dress at the party.

The lap dance

I was feeling bored at the party and I was sitting in a chair watching others having fun with the girls. My boss noticed this and brought Kimiko in for me. He insisted her to seduce me with her antique lap dance. I was feeling worried and embarrassed at the same time. No women had ever come that close with me. I also had an awful experience with the japan chat room service. That’s why I was confused about how to behave with a Japanese girl. Kimiko started her lap dance and everyone was noticing us and some colleagues started to cheer me.

She made me touch her all over

Kimiko was wearing a mask and she suddenly put out the mask and removed her jacket. She caressed her own breasts in a sensuous way and took my hand and put it on them. I have never touched a girl this way before. It was quiet shocking for me and I managed to control my emotions somehow. Then, she took a glass of wine, poured it on her bare body and insisted me to clean this up with my tongue. Being a complete slave, I did exactly what she wanted. Eventually, I got a hard on and suddenly saw that some of my workmates have already started making things up with their maids. I felt a little comfortable and surrendered all to her.

My embarrassment was her biggest turn on

As a first timer, it is natural to get a little nervous. I have had virtual sex in a japan chat room site but I never had a real life experience before. I started thinking that what a great story to share with my friends after I will be going out from the party. Kimoko placed her hand on my pant and started rubbing my private parts. Then, she opened the zip and took out the devil inside. She went nuts seeing my big fat piece of meat! She started giving a nice blowjob. I closed my eyes and enjoyed every moment of it. Later my boss came and insisted to take Kimiko to the adjoined room. I just did that and it was all over within half an hour of intense sex and orgasm.

What Happens When You Take Satomi For Dinner

I met Satomi at a private dating site. It just took me a week to convince her for a dinner. She had a Japanese boyfriend but he was away at that time. I thought it was the right time to take her out. Satomi was four years younger than me and it was quiet easy for me to take control of the situation. She was very beautiful, fair and she had a very thin voice. Her voice always turned me on when we used to talk on the japan chat room site. Her profile said that she is reluctant to meet a foreign guy. I didn’t know she is quiet ok for an open relationship.

Dinner date at a big city

Tokyo is the biggest city in Japan and we first met there. We planned to go out for a dinner at one of famous restaurants in Tokyo. I loved the idea of eating sushi and wine with a sexy Japanese girl. Satomi was a little nervous at first but she adjusted with the situation after realizing that I am an honest and friendly person. She gave me a box of chocolate to show her gratitude. She told me that she was getting bored at home, and this dinner date will surely give her something to cherish later. Previously we had Japanese sex chat at that local dating site. However, she was feeling a little shy in this first meet. I told her to be comfortable and assured her in a humorous way that I won’t be jumping on her in from of hundred people! She laughed and we enjoyed the dinner.

The trick that works

While we were getting out of the restaurant and she was about to take a cab to her home, I told her that I forgot to bring the gift. ‘It is at my home and I hurriedly went out to meet you on time’, I said. I came to know that she lives just a couple of blocks away from my apartment. I told her to go with me at my apartment and take the gift, and then I will drop her home. She paused for a second and then said ok let’s go. I paid the cab fare and took her to my apartment. I gave her the gift box. I bought a nice party dress for her. She opened the box and asked me, ‘how do you know this dress will fit me?’ I told her to give it a trial at my bedroom while I make her a drink.

The dress with a troubled hook

I was making a drink for me and Satomi, suddenly; she came and told me to put the hook properly. She was having trouble to hook it up and I just got a nice scope. I told her that this dress will never fit her unless she removes all her inner clothes. Then, I cracked a joke and said to her, ‘be that obedient girl as you were in that japan chat room site’. Finally, it all started with a troubled hook and the dress fitted well after a steamy intercourse session.